Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boy Commandos-Curt Swan-1946

After the war, there was, of course, no reason for Simon & Kirby's Boy Commandos to remain commandos. But Brooklyn and the gang were still popular enough to maintain their own book as well as stories in other titles including, as seen here, WORLD'S FINEST. New members came along and old ones disappeared. Most stories remained credited to the Simon and Kirby team long after they stopped having all that much to do with them. This one, for example, although a fair imitation of the series' style, is actually by later SUPERMAN artists Curt Swan and George Klein and was said by Swan to be his first published comics story!


R.A.M.'67 said...

Impressive early effort from Swan and Klein, who later gave Superman that unique look in the 1960's.

Swan's layouts in this story are impressive, demonstrating how his later, iconic Superman artwork was stuck in a rut of sameness until he made an effort to jazz it up in the '80s prior to John Byrne's overhaul of the character.

Thanks for sharing!

rich240 said...

Very interesting! I'm a huge fan of Swan's 1960s work. There's one panel here that I think feels the most Swan-like: Page 4, panel 2. Something about that figure to the right that recalls for me Swan's work decades later, perhaps in one of those "Superman Meets Robin Hood"-type time travel yarns.

Ted Miller said...

Page six, panel 3: the faces of the two figures to the right foreshadow what Swan's faces will look more like in the future. The other face in the panel has to look like Kirby's design, but it's possible to see hints of what's to come otherwise.