Thursday, September 1, 2011

Winky, Blinky and Noddy--EE Hibbard-1946

Meet Winky Moylan, Blinky Boylan and Noddy Toylan, The Three Dimwits. Gardner Fox's answer to the Stooges, these guys appeared for years as sidekicks (side THORNS?) to the Golden Age Flash but they also maintained a solo series that ran in several DC titles of the time. This story appeared in ALL-AMERICAN COMICS.

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Steveland said...

I said this in one of my blogs but the interesting thing about these guys is they really weren't "sidekicks" to The Flash in any real way. The Flash constantly had to save their hash (they helped slow The Flash down enough so that a shot story could become a "novella') but they had their own lives. At least it's that way in all the copies of All-Flash I've read.