Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Girl Commandos-Jill Elgin-1945

National had it's BOY COMMANDOS. Harvey Comics had GIRL COMMANDOS! This long-running series in SPEED COMICS was originally drawn by a female artist who, upon her departure, was replaced by yet another one, children's book illustrator Jill Elgin. Women comics artists were relatively rare but this strip had two! The series premise was essentially: Etta Candy and the Holiday Girls in uniform.

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Darci said...

Perhaps it's worth mentioning that the Girl Commandos' leader, Pat Parker, began as a solo act in #13 (May 1941). She formed the Commandos in #23 (Oct 1942), but didn't give up the War Nurse costumed identity until #27 (Jul 1943). The Girl Commandos lasted until #42 (March 1946), a pretty decent run.

Don Markstein noted that Pat didn't have a costume until #15 (Nov 1941), perhaps inspired by Wonder Woman (over at All-American)?