Friday, April 15, 2011

Johnny Quick-Mort Meskin/George Roussos-1947

By popular demand, here's some more art from George Roussos, this time inking a 1947 Mort Meskin JOHNNY QUICK tale from ADVENTURE COMICS. Roussos sometimes worked with artist Mort Meskin and at one point the two even tried to go into business together.


Steven Brower said...

Hi, thanks for posting this story. However, GCD is wrong, this is definitely Meskin and indeed it is signed lower right.

Booksteve said...

Thank you, sir. Not a clue what I was thinking because, unless you just now corrected it yourself, even GCD says this is Meskin with Roussos. Oh, well. Still a cool example of their teamwork. I've corrected the entry but I'm leaving your correction here. Thanks again!

Lancelot said...

Maravilha! Meskin é simplesmente magnífico! Estas primeiras páginas são dignas de uma moldura... Lembro do Vigilante... Parabéns pelo resgate!