Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Air Wave-George Roussos-1943

George "Inky" Roussos is remembered by comics fans as either an inker (he inked Kirby on the classic AVENGERS # 4 with the return of Captain America!) or a colorist but back in WWII he was cartooning as good as it gets with some of the most expressive faces ever, as seen in this DETECTIVE COMICS example of DC's cool looking but B-grade hero, AIR WAVE!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see George Roussos' art. I've known him mostly as an inker. I knew that he did other things, but I've seen very little of it. I especially like the first panel on page one. that's a great openning scene. Thanks for posting all this great stuff.

sdestefano said...

Geez, but I find this story flawless--everything from the compositions to the color just looks wonderful to me. It's odd that Roussos is not better recognized as one of the top artist of the golden age, I think.

James said...

Roussos' coloring on the episodes of Air Wave is great