Monday, October 11, 2010

The Imperfect Crime-Dick Briefer-1949

First off, apologies for the last few panels. They're readable but...the rest of this story was too good not to go with. It's from CRIME DETECTIVE, one of the early crime comics, this one put out by Hillman. The art (and possibly the story) is by Dick Briefer and his absolutely delightful cartooning is on view all the way. Briefer's humor work would have fit in perfectly at MAD just a few years later. As it is, though, he carved a unique niche in comic book history as the chronicler of FRANKENSTEIN. Actually, it was the Monster and his comics and stories simply entitled FRANKENSTEIN no doubt added to that long-running misinformation that the monster WAS Frankenstein.

Still, Briefer did a series of serious stories of the monster that went well toward capturing the pathos Boris Karloff had originally brought to the role...but he also did a long-running humorous version which many find even better! Check out Craig Yoe's just published Dick Briefer collection below.

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