Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cicero's Cat-The Witch's Pet-1959

CICERO'S CAT was the top strip for Bud Fisher's long-running MUTT & JEFF newspaper strip. Cicero was Mutt's son in the strip and his stylized cat's rarely used name was Desdemona. MUTT & JEFF were surprisingly successful in comic books also with a long -running title from National/DC that then moved to Dell after nearly two decades. At Dell, CICERO'S CAT was given her own title. This fun and clever story is from 1959's second and sadly last issue.


--steve cohen said...

cute strip, Steven, always liked MUTT & JEFF and CICERO'S CAT in the BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE as a boy, they were on the front of the comics section!!!

Unknown said...

I agree. Loved both throughout my childhood, miss them now.
David of Dogpatch