Monday, March 6, 2017

The Killing Ground-Neal Adams-1967

Ironic that this early Neal Adams DC story comes in the first month after the Go-Go Checks were dropped. That design element has grown to represent the early, unsophisticated Silver Age, whereas the coming of Adams is often thought to reflect the latter, more "adult" Silver Age. (Note that the artist--in what would have been one of his very first comic book stories--does quite a good job of channeling Joe Kubert's house style for the war books here an dtehre.


MFM said...

Those big ol' snarly monsters have sort of a Neal Adams channeling Russ Heath channeling... Whatever, this is all wonderful stuff from a time when National could still boast having the best pure draftsmen in the business.

The Silver Fox said...

Ah, Adams channeling Kubert. Reminds me of Detective Comics #404, when Batman met Hans von Hammer, the "Enemy Ace." (Actually, it was a guy who just looked like him.) Von Hammer's double looked so much like a Kubert rendition!