Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America and Golden Girl-Carl Burgos/Al Gabriele-1948

With CAPTAIN AMERICA opening today, we revisit the odd, out of continuity years of the feature in which the post-war Cap is teamed with Betsy Ross as Golden Girl. In this episode they meet Chuck Berry. GCD question marks Human Torch creator Carl Burgos as artist but I'll agree with that guess, augmented by regular Cap inker Al Gabriele.


The Silver Fox said...

Nice one! Love the old Cap stories! First time I've ever seen "Chuck" used as a nickname for "Chester," though...

Anonymous said...

Christ in a cakepan, lookit Cap's back in panel one of the next-to-last page.

Wait, "Golden Girl?" I'm such a nerd I know about Whizzer's horrible racist-stereotype sidekick, but now I think I need to spend some quality time with Wikipedia.

Speaking of Captain America movies, Rotten Tomatoes has an article on the CINO '40s serial and Bully Says Comics Ought Be Fun! has the comic adaptation of that egg-nasty 1990 Albert Pyun movie (which I saw on VHS in Japan before it was even released in the States).

The serial, the Pyun movie, those two Reb Brown TV atrocities...geez, I think Cap's gotten more screen time than any other Marvel character, but until today all of it horrible.