Friday, February 11, 2011

Low Noon-Howard Nostrand-1953

There's no denying that Howard Nostrand was channeling the prolific and easily recognizable style of Jack Davis to the extreme but, my, my, my, wasn't he doing it well? Here's a Harvey horror from 1953 that's actually a black comedy parody of the then-new movie HIGH NOON with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. GCD credits Nostrand with the writing also.

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Booksteve said...

On Facebook Bhob Stewart commented: "That was in BLACK CAT #47 (December 1953) which means it actually appeared BEFORE the Harvey Kurtzman/Jack Davis "Hah! Noon!" in MAD #9 (February-March 1954). Kurtzman had satirized a few film classics, but "Hah! Noon!" was the first MAD parody of a contemporary film--and Nostrand was already there. I always thought Kurtzman should have hired Nostrand to be on the MAD staff."