Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arrowhead-Joe Sinnott-1954

Here are some lovely pencils from one of comicdom's all-time greatest inkers, Joe Sinnott. Joe's son has sent out word that his father has been having some health issues' "
On Thursday, Sept. 9th, my dad received some bad news from his doctor that he has a broken hip and would need hip replacement surgery, Friday Sept. 17th. For the past 6 weeks, Joe has had severe pain in his left leg. 2 x-rays taken a weekapart revealed a "slight" crack in the bone. For the past week Joe has been using a walker to get around. An MRI taken on Wednesday confirmed the broken hip. They say that it appears to be from degenerative bone, as he never fell. After surgery, Joe will have a 4 day stay in the hospital, followed by 1-2 weeks in a rehab center and 2-3 weeks supervised (not left alone). That's if all goes according to schedule. It could be longer. Joe will still need a walker or cane to get around after all is said and done. If anyone would like to send Joe a get well wish after his surgery, please send them to the address below. Thank you, Mark Sinnott, Sept.10,2010
send cards to:
Joe Sinnott
PO Box 406
Saugerties, NY 12477"

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