Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boy Explorers-Joe Simon/Jack Kirby-1946/1952

Yesterday I was lamenting on Facebook the scarcity of Simon and Kirby's BOY EXPLORERS stories, even as as scans! Then I discovered that, in fact, there ARE color scans of two of the stories. This one is a 1952 reprint of a 1946 story as run off in an issue of JOE PALOOKA after Harvey's quick cancellation of the BOY EXPLORERS comic.

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  1. As I have said over at Pappy's 'blog, I don't understand the apparent attraction that these “boy” comics had.

    Speaking for myself: The alleged boys are nothing like I was nor like any of the other boys whom I knew. I didn't aspire to be like them. I wouldn't much have wanted any of them as friends.

    So I look around for someone who did like them when he or she was a child (especially if he or she was a child when these were originally published), hoping that this someone can articulate what appealed about them.